No mission springs from individuals.
It takes an entire team united behind something big.



an aerospace and advanced technology research company

Starlight began in January 2014 with co-founder and advisory relationships with faculty at Cornell University, Skoltech University, MIT, Cornell Tech, USGS, and Global Croplands Working Group. We sought to answer the three questions below while predicting the state of the small satellite industry by mid-2019 and assess the state of climate readiness.  

1) Is the return on investment on sector-specific satellite image applications high enough to justify the design and launch of a few CubeSats for that specific purpose?

2) Does the lack of innovation is satellite image applications result from software platforms or space hardware?

3) What role does splitting mission functionality across multiple CubeSats take in space solutions?

Climate change is not a war to be won, but a collaboration to be made.


The future generations will learn much more than we’ll ever know. What world do we choose to leave our children?

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