The company you call when you need data for climate change, agriculture, and supply chain investments.



Amid tariffs, recession fears, and supply and demand transformations

climate warming is happening. Those who depend on you ask you to take action.


Prepare your company network by connecting your company to our data services and world class experts. Their peer reviewed research is impartial, fair, and urgent.



We know growth is harder because of changes to supply chain, politics, and climate change.


Introducing Insight: an action-oriented GIS and document communication tool.

Timely doesn't cut it anymore. You need the right information, and you know a lot of information is out there. Starlight built Insight to be the portal for experts you trust to communicate what they know right to you and your team. Take action, and the system communicates the results back to them so they can update their prescriptions.



We developed our underlying engine to facilitate sensors as a service. We ingest data from multiple sources (satellite, IoT, mobile, documents, APIs), create state-of-the-art algorithms, and work with academia to answer next generation questions.



Imagine workplace software engineered as flexible as building a website?
What would your clients say?

Thanks for the excellent work and helpful instructions. The look and feel is excellent.

Dr. John A., Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University

Committed to Excellence

When future generations look back at this period of time, they will ask us why we did not act sooner. Where were the corporate stakeholders, the political action groups, the social diplomacy? Why are we here?

The world today stands at the precipice of transformative societal disruption at pan-continental scales.

Starlight powers the growth for all the world's agriculture. We relate to the human nature that has sought answers and wonder in the stars. To its earliest explorers, starlight provided navigation to discover the world.

Climate change is a once in a lifetime crisis of multi-generational proportions. In politics, they say never to let a good crisis go to waste. In science, we know the verifiable truth supersedes even conventional wisdom, giving us the confidence to move subjective thought. Here we are taking the action to the streets from first principles.

We must decide that before we can build the Cities of the Future we must ensure the livelihood and well-being of all the populations of the world against what will be ravaging change. At a crucial moment of unparalleled concern for American livelihood and U.S. economic infrastructure, Starlight is committed to bringing forth the wisdom and goodwill of American diplomacy for all the world's people regardless of their suffering. This time of human history will be about showing world partners that #BuildingForAmerica is about empowering the world.


Get to know us. Starlight.

Starlight is a company dedicated to innovating intersectional technology with satellites, people, and AI. The founder of Starlight, Dr. David Bernat, has degrees in empirical physics and space science from Caltech and Cornell University, and has held former roles at Google AI and on the Goldman Sachs strategies desk.


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